Aquisitions & Transfers

Licensing Solutions, Inc. can help you to acquire the liquor license needed for your business or establishment. The acquisition of a liquor license can be performed through a purchase, a direct issue from a local and/or state licensing authority, or a license transfer.

If a license must be purchased, we identify a license in the county/municipality if we do not have one currently available. We will negotiate the price with the seller and take all steps necessary to finalize the purchase for the buyer. Going it alone can be a daunting task, but the professionals of LSI are here to assist buyers throughout the process of buying various liquor licenses.

Some transfers of a liquor license may only occur within the county or municipality for which it is currently issued. Restaurant liquor licenses, bar licenses, are the most active transfers and on many occasions must be purchased from the current liquor license owner.

A direct issued liquor license allows for the license to be issued directly from the state, county, or local municipality through an application process. Specific requirements must be met by establishments and applicants prior to obtaining approval of a direct issue license.

LSI can help with License Acquisitions & Transfers.