Selling A Liquor License

liquor licenseIn states that allow liquor licenses to be sold from one entity or retailer to another, Licensing Solutions’ professionals can help. A liquor license can be regarded as an important business asset. The complexities involved in selling a liquor license can be overwhelming to the average business owner. Our team can help!

A qualified liquor license broker is helpful to facilitate the sale of a liquor license and to find qualified buyers. Licensing Solutions, Inc. can readily determine your state’s liquor license laws that govern the sale and transfer of licenses.

Our team of professionals will quickly walk you through the process and prepare what you need when selling a liquor license successfully. Each liquor license will need to be verified that there are no existing debts or liens against it, or against your business. There are states in which unpaid bills can delay a sale or transfer of a license.

Contact us today to speak to one of our liquor license brokers. We can help you properly value your liquor license and share your information with our potential buyers. Our company has the extensive knowledge necessary to manage and complete the sale of liquor licenses in multiple states. We also know how to work with government agencies and boards to ensure that the buyer and the seller can successfully comply and complete a secure, and successful transaction.

Licensing Solutions can help you Sell a Liquor License.