Are there specific types of liquor licenses?

While Licensing Solutions, Inc. has a concentration on the purchase and sale of certain liquor licenses in Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey — don’t hesitate to contact us for information on buying or selling a liquor license in your state. The type of establishment you have can determine what type of license you need, as well as the amount you will need to pay for it. The type of license you will need will depend specifically upon the kind of alcohol you wish to serve and the location of where you will serve it. Click here to learn more about various liquor licenses.

Does it take a long time to get a liquor license?

The length of time it takes to acquire a liquor license depends on the municipality and state in which your business is located and numerous other variables. Our licensing experts help prepare everything our clients need to assist in speeding up the process as much as possible.

What kind of requirements must be met regarding where a liquor license can be assigned?

The laws and regulations that govern liquor licenses are determined by each municipality and state in which they are located. The requirements determine issues such as:

  • Business hours that alcohol can be served
  • How the beverages are served - whether by the drink or package
  • The area size or square footage that an establishment must have - whether an eating establishment, a club, a retail store, etc.
  • The number of available seats that a restaurant must have
  • The proximity and distance of local schools, churches, or other liquor license holders

How much does a liquor license cost?

The cost of a liquor license is determined by the municipality and state where the establishment is located, or the current market price based on supply and demand. Contact the professionals at Licensing Solutions, Inc. for information on the purchase price of a liquor license in your area.

May I transfer my liquor license to another location?

The transfer of a liquor license may only occur within the county or municipality for which it is currently active. Restaurant liquor licenses are the most active transfers. Contact us for help transferring your liquor license to another location.

Are there fees and costs to file for a liquor license transfer?

The actual costs and fees associated with a liquor license transfer are determined by the municipality and state in which the transfer shall occur. Fees are also dependent upon the type of license required. For information on transferring a liquor license in your area, contact the professionals at Licensing Solutions, Inc..

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