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It is our mission to partner with our clients to meet their liquor license and business licensing needs by using the most efficient and cost effective solutions available.

About Us

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Licensing Solutions, Inc. is a service minded corporation established in Orlando, Florida that concentrates on helping people acquire the liquor licenses and other licenses needed for their business – as well as the ongoing renewal of such licenses. We are your liquor license professionals, and we can help you each step of the way.

Our purpose is to provide support, consultation, critical information, and services for the acquisition of liquor licenses and other business licenses. Licensing Solutions, Inc. also processes license renewals to help ensure the continued operation of your business.

The staff of Licensing Solutions, Inc. shares over 55 years of comprehensive knowledge in the field of alcohol licensing throughout the United States.

Licensing Solutions are your liquor license professionals to go to for the purchase of a liquor license in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and many other states. We know the process, the steps, and how to navigate through the red tape that can frustrate the average business owner.

Our Team

Our experience with the acquisition, renewal, and maintenance of liquor licenses and operating licenses has helped over 1000 restaurants, resorts, and other businesses that sell alcohol. Throughout the years, we have developed successful working relationships with contacts at local and state government licensing authorities. We employ creative and strong problem solving skills that enable us to quickly identify potential difficulties and resolve them. We work to remove the obstacles that could cause delays to the construction, projected design, scheduled opening, and general operation of your business.

Our team can successfully obtain license approvals because we know how to provide critical and timely licensing information as required to those that need it the most.

  • Every level of business management and operations

  • Liquor Licensing Agents

  • Architects and Construction Project Managers

  • Real Estate Directors and Property Managers

  • City, County, and State Licensing Authorities, and Government Agencies

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Individuals or Groups involved in the resolution of liquor license issues

  • Owners and Managers of Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and other Businesses

Our Services

Our Process

We work together with you towards each goal.

Initial Consult

Outline the scope, details, requirements

Research & Report

Licensing, codes, regulations, planning

Negotiate the Deal

Feasibility reports, consultations, applications

Execute & Process

Timelines, paperwork, approvals


Signatures, shake hands, propose a toast!

National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals

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