Buying A Liquor License

liquor licenseLicensing Solutions, Inc. is here to help you when buying a liquor license needed for your business. Often, obtaining a liquor license can be a difficult and lengthy process.

Each individual state has their own licensing agency which determines how liquor licenses are regulated. Local municipalities can also have additional liquor license regulations concerning selling alcohol and liquor licensing. We can help!

We know how to navigate your state’s alcohol laws for you. Many states – and even municipalities – limit the number of liquor licenses under a quota system. Our licensing professionals know who to contact, where to file applications, and what to do when buying a liquor license.

    The experts at Licensing Solutions will use their experience to help you buy a liquor license.

  • Identifying and negotiating the purchase price and overseeing the acquisition process of liquor licenses
  • Assisting with resolving any issues involving taxes due or liens against a license
  • Advising of distance restriction issues related to the proximity of other license holders, schools, churches, etc.
  • License Due Diligence Reports providing comprehensive information on the availability, costs, requirements and restrictions of acquiring a liquor license

Commonly used liquor license types include: beer & wine, restaurant, retail, and package stores. Some classes may be titled differently depending on the area in which you are located.

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beer-wineThis alcohol license allows for the serving of only beer and wine, but not to sell any liquor or distilled spirits. Sometimes a state or city will authorize a beer & wine license for restaurants that serve less than 100 patrons at any time.

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restaurant liquor licenseRestaurant liquor licenses may be restricted by rules such as the amount of alcohol to be served to the number of seats and tables allowed. Typically, many restaurant licenses will allow for wine, beer, as well as distilled spirits.

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Liquor-stores copyLiquor stores, drug stores, and grocery stores that sell beer, wine, and bottles of liquor require state-approved retail liquor licenses.

Any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or liquor will need to obtain a liquor license. Your local municipality and state licensing authorities may also require specific licenses for your bar and/or restaurant staff serving alcohol.

Acquiring a liquor license can be a long process. It is important to complete all applications for applying for your liquor license well in advance of your scheduled opening. There are also some approvals and inspections that may need to be completed prior to your liquor license being issued. The approvals and inspections may include zoning, health, sales tax, and certificates of occupancy. In your area, there may be additional requirements as determined by the licensing authorities.

Many liquor license applications will require copies of detailed plans, your personal and financial information, information and records for your officers and directors (as applicable), and background checks with fingerprint cards.

The application process may consume several weeks to months to process, so it is best to be prepared at least six months or more prior to your scheduled opening.

Licensing Solutions can help you Buy a Liquor License.