License Consulting

Licensing Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive license consulting services to help clients tackle the paperwork, rules, and hurdles involved in the process of starting a new business or opening a new establishment. Our consultants can help you through each step, and assist you in finding and acquiring the specific licenses you need for your business.

First we’ll discuss your business plan, scope, and type. It is important to have a clear understanding of budgeting, necessary permits and licenses, forms and applications, and rules and regulations. We will also work with you to create a schedule to meet the time frames needed for processing applications and completing the due diligence needed to determine the probability of license approval.

The kind of business license and permits you will need will be determined by your type of business, your location, and the product you wish to sell.

Our skilled Licensing Professionals can help you with:

  • Completion of the correct forms and applications you will need to obtain liquor licenses and other business licenses
  • Submittal of plans, documents, designs, and financial records
  • Recognizing and adhering to the restrictions placed on various businesses
  • Representation at city meetings and public hearings
  • Coordination of inspections with you or your project manager
  • Corresponding with state and local licensing authorities to help ensure the issuance of your licenses
  • Identifying and resolving potential problems that could delay the processing and approval of your liquor license
  • Researching the availability, cost, requirements, and restrictions of acquiring a liquor license
  • Accurate compilation of financial disclosures
  • Drafting comprehensive reports identifying critical information
  • Determine the allowed hours of operation in your area and permissible days for alcohol sales
  • Meeting age requirements and alcohol awareness training and required permits for employees
  • Restrictions on licenses that could limit the normal operation of your business

Let Licensing Solutions help you each step of the way.