Due Diligence Reports

As liquor license consulting professionals, Licensing Solutions, Inc. can help potential business owners identify and scale the hurdles that they face on the road to opening day.

Liquor License Due Diligence Reports are a carefully prepared comprehensive report used to identify critical information a liquor license buyer needs. Our knowledgeable staff works to compile the critical data and information necessary to acquire a liquor license such as: availability of licenses in the area, costs, legal requirements, and local governmental restrictions. This information may also include detailed suggestions related to financial disclosures, the operation of your business, managing employees, and any other issues related to the liquor license.

Liquor License Due Diligence Reports provide:

  • Information related to obtaining the liquor license for a particular use and location
  • Identification of the methods that can be used to procure the license such as via purchase, transfer, or direct issue from the city, county and/or state licensing authorities
  • Description of what information is needed to successfully process licensing applications
  • Explanation of timelines for the state and local municipality to process the application and issue the license
  • Location and property layout and design requirements such as legal, zoning, and safety codes
  • Guidelines for zoning and distance restrictions for businesses serving liquor near residential neighborhoods, schools, churches, or other liquor establishments in the area
  • Regulatory information that govern the hours of operation, serving restrictions, and seating capacity
  • Requirement information for employee permits and alcohol awareness training for serving food and spirits

Let Licensing Solutions help you each step of the way.